Product Feed Manager

Automatically sync your inventory to Google Merchant Center with Stockpilot's product feed addon

Optimize your online sales strategy with Stockpilot's Product Feed Manager Addon, designed for seamless integration with Google Merchant Center and Google Shopping's extensive audience. This addon excels with its ability to add custom fields as needed, allowing you to tailor your product listings to meet specific requirements. Each feed is synchronized every 15 minutes, ensuring your inventory remains current and dynamic.

Combining real-time updates, customizable product attributes, and an effortless setup process, this addon positions your products effectively in a competitive digital marketplace. For just €15, you receive three feeds, each meticulously optimized for maximum visibility and sales performance. Plus, you have the flexibility to add as many sets of three feeds as you need, scaling your business effortlessly and maximizing your online presence.


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* You start with a 14-day trial period that you can cancel at any time.